Tip #1 Capability Statement

The capability statement is a great tool to use when communicating your company’s skills and should be organize and identify the following details:

Information about your company:
Who you are
Your mission
Contact Person(s)
Qualifications Page to include:
List of specific pertinent codes
Core Support Staff Disciplines
Services Offered
Past and Current Performance Projects

Tip #2 System Award Management
You must be registered in SAM which includes your Online Representation and Certification Application (ORCA) registration to be eligible to do work for the federal government. As a small business it is also recommended that you complete your Dynamic Small Business Search registration. Contact your PTAC representative for assistance.

Tip # 3 Compliance
The Dept. of Labor has dramatically increased the number of auditors devoted to reviewing government contracts for Service Contract Act (SCA) compliance.

Tip # 4 Understand the SBA Affiliation Rules
Affiliation directly affects a contractor’s status as a small business and its eligibility for award, contractors should ensure that they understand the rules, risks, and best teaming strategies.